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eTOPsign Software

eTOPsign Software

Convert Your Workplace into Paperless office:

The signature technology is embedded display with clear quality. It uses the technology and keeps the signature pads without getting any scratches on its smooth surface even after longer usage. eTOP Signature application is mainly based on EMR technology and does not require batteries while using the pen for transmitting the signals. The devices are maintenance free and can work for longer hours. The Digital Signature application always stores the data in biometric forms and tracks it more accurately. It has ergonomic design along with the latest encryption features.

The esignature solution software provides the better security to the information stored in the digital format and can be used for paperless documentation, approvals and authorizations. Signing the documents using electronic handwriting is more beneficial than other available methods.

Main advantage with the eTOPsign software is to go paperless by digitally storing the important information systematically. The existing working technology needed to be changed and integrated with the new form techniques and technologies. The process of going paperless needs time and careful planning. Earlier the process of storing the information was carried mainly by Form filling and by display advertisement and Videos which enable the visitors to register by offering the necessary information.

The electronic signature capture is a technique which is different from handwritten signatures and using stamps or ink on the documents. It extends the unique concept of converting the data in to electronic format and storing it digitally with complete protection. The signature is captured electronically and it remains exceptional unlike the mouse click.

The signature solutions offer complete secrecy and are secured from any kind of misuse. Nobody can attempt for forgery because of the strong verification system available. The superior technology safeguards the digital signatures with more efficiency. The handwritten signatures when used on the agreements or registration papers or other legal documents are always at risk of forgery but by signing with electronic pen on the signature capturing device is much safer and highly secured. The paperless document with electronic signature is much better digital world. The use of handwritten signature on the documents is a costly process in terms of maintaining the documents for a longer time. The digital paperless world is much easier to handle and highly secured.

The software data kit is available which has the signature pads and the pens along with the signature software. You can directly integrate the signature capture features and make your workplace a digitally equipped and paperless office.


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