OZAK - Tripods

Flexible Tripods with Customized Designs

The tripods are highly preferred as the best security providing device. It is widely used to stop the unauthorized and unwanted access to the parks, buildings, stadiums and even cafeteria. Tripod supplier in UAE, Abu Dhabi offers the wide range of eTOP solutions. The better quality tripods are manufactured using stainless steel of 304 degree which is considered to be the strongest and mainly used while manufacturing Indoor and outdoor tripods in the open environments.

The stainless steel of 316 degree is mainly used for customized safety products in form of turnstiles and tripods. These are mainly used for marine applications which are installed on the sea shores and the water protected security machinery is most effective under extreme conditions in the outdoor area.  Most of the tripods can be used even without power supply. The manually operated tripods are bi-directional and are having the switches for selecting the operation. The turnstiles are most compatible even in limited area and can be operated on both sides by offering access to entry and exit points. It can control the access to the buildings and also restricts part of the building to the visitor.

OZAK single side Tripods works well under emergencies or under power failures. It has the status indicators fitted on the top or on the sides. The tripods can access LAN, motor driven units and audio messages. The features like automatic dropping of arm, sensitive alarm system heater positive unit, coin slotting system along with card reader and pipe barrier are most useful in protecting the area around.

Waist Height Turnstile is considered to be the most cost effective and having elegant look.  The turnstiles are highly reliable in everyday operation.  It makes the surrounding safer and creates trustworthy atmosphere. Turnstile having waist height is ideal for offering security to premises having limited space. Most of the residential apartments and the commercial places choose such turnstiles which offer latest techniques and the modern technology while serving. 

The turnstiles are flexible to use and are customized as per the customer needs and the requirements. It can be used as single security device or it can fit well along with the advanced machinery.  Most of the waist high turnstiles are useful for internal security of the places. The nicely shaped and shiny turnstiles always match the decorated interiors. The sturdy steel material of 304 grade and 316 grade make the turnstiles stronger and well-fitted. The railing and the barriers add to its designed look and helps in serving effectively.