Wacom STU-540 Signature Pad

The Wacom STU-540 Signature Pads Check out which online shop has the best cost for Wacom Signature Pad Set STU-540 with Sign Pro PDF is a little and solid, to an extraordinary degree sturdy stamp pad. Its 4.5" monochrome screen is adequately colossal to get longer stamps and notwithstanding oblige programming discovers despite the Signature district. The transflective LCD can without quite a bit of an extend be examined in contrasting light conditions. A hardened glass surface guarantees the LCD screen and is particularly impenetrable to scratches. The organized pen compartment combines as a USB interface dash to neutralize impromptu division of the connection. The Wacom Signature Pad Set STU-540 with Sign Pro PDF STU-540 highlights an astounding, high-determination 5 "shading LCD screen, giving abundant space to signatures and limited time messages. It offers an extremely agreeable signature involvement with an enhanced fine plan and a watchful level surface. what's more, lively shading makes it perfect for organizations that need to utilize the tablet for publicizing, advancements, or brand situating while the following signature is anticipated. affect when gathering signatures or showing ads, advancements or brands.


The STU-540 is Wacom’s most advanced and robust signature pad, featuring a 5″ high-resolution color screen with a hardened durable cover glass. Its broad range of connectivity options – including multiple choices for virtualized desktop environments, top-level encryption and user convenience give it the flexibility to meet the growing demands of organizations implementing handwritten electronic signature.

Wacom Signature Pad Set STU-540 Sign Pro PDF

The STU-540 is Wacom's most progressive and most robust signature cushion, conveying a top notch 5 "shading LCD display with strong treated glass. The extensive variety of availability options - including various options for virtual desktop environments, advertise driving encryption and user comfort - offers the adaptability to take care of the increasing corporate demand for written by hand electronic signature catch.


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