Signature Tablets – Secured and User Friendly:

We have compact sized and robust in design Wacom signature devices which are highly in demand today. Most of the places like offices, business houses, government agencies and other places of work where the Wacom DTK 1651 Signature Pad is in use.  The device was specially designed for the people in financial industry. The high quality signature tablets are the easy to handle and having well protected design. These devices have become part of everyday work when the documents are needed to be signed and stored safely. The advantage of Wacom DTK-1651 signature display is to store the signed documents according to the legal formalities and which becomes part of company procedures. 

The Wacom signature tablets are in use since 2007 and it has been updated with the changing technology. The lightweight tablets are strong in design and very handy to use. Even if you sign with ball-point pen or even if you place sharp-edged items over it, the tablet remains intact without any damage. The well-protected design keeps the tablet safe even if it falls down by mistake. Wacom DTK-1651 signature display is crystal clear and displays the document clearly even in multiple pages.  The pages displayed can have full-sized documents view which you can review or brows before you sign on it. 

eSignature from DTK 1651 graphic tablet allows you to capture the signature on the easy to handle and easy to use mobile devices. It has user friendly options to edit or to add the content, to draw free hand remarks in terms of annotations or sticky notes. The documents can be digitally archived without needed to print or scan.

The design of the signature tablet consists of soft touch pad with horizontal and vertical antennas. It transmits the electromagnetic waves by finding the location of touch of the pen using the triangulation. The signal stimulates the circuit comprising of capacitor and coil which oscillate the pen. The pads support electromagnetic resonance (EMR) technology which protects the glass surface against the usage of pointed pens while signing.

The signature tablets stores the documents in original formats which can be easily reviewed and edited. The information in form of documents is stored using the Encryption data techniques which secure the data completely.

The advantages of Wacom Signature Tablets
• The tablet is well protected with glossy surface and long durable.
• The sensibility of the tablet does not interfere while signing or storing the data.
• The tablet catches the signatures accurately in linear bio-metric forms.

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