Most Modern and Effective Security Solutions:

Tripod supplier in UAE, Abu Dhabi has various types of gates which include swing gates , glass gates and gates with barriers and turnstiles. All the products are much reliable and highly competitive in world of safety and security. The high security products mainly access and control the entire security system and prevent any unauthorized access. It helps in controlling the unwanted visitors to the school, buildings and to the workplaces. Indoor and outdoor tripods are useful and can be integrated easily with various biometric reader and other card readers which successfully access the data from Mifare, RFID cards and other control devices. The tripods allow access to the passages from the both sides – inside and outside. It also has the powerful door access system which keeps control over the time and attendance system.

OZAK single side Tripods are highly reliable and offers complete security to the area by tracking the activities, preventing unauthorized access by the people and not allowing them into the buildings or the workplaces without prior permissions. The highly sensitive verification system is fully automated and extremely compatible to other modules of the control systems without any security issues. The in-built card reading access and finger print and face recognition capability makes the tripods outstanding.

Waist Height Turnstile is highly suitable for monitoring pedestrian and not allowing the unauthorized entries into the buildings. The three arm design is safer and which can allow easy entries under complete safety. The turnstiles mainly offers easy access for the employees, visitors or the customers to the places which optimize the flow of people entering into the buildings is considered to an effective security solution.

The turnstiles are stylish in looks and are lightweight. It can be installed easily and operated effectively. Most of the turnstiles suit to the modern environment of the building. The advantage of having waist-sized turnstiles is they are compact in size and occupy limited space which makes it easy for access to the entry or exit. It is highly secured and having access to the latest safety devices and the controlling software. Even during the power failures, it has the drop arm assembly which is most suitable to use. It also has the crystal clear LED display with pictogram option which keeps the track of every visitor.

The turnstiles are made of sturdy stainless steel and it can be used as single component or can be integrated easily by assembling to the other security machinery. The turnstiles have rounded corners and wide area used for integration of magnetic devices, proximity readers and the biometric components.

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