Acquire a High-Tech Attendance Solution for Your Business :
Does your business face loss due to irregular work of your employees and no exact records for payrolls? You need Handpunch 3000 to protect your business against people, who don’t perform their job in time-frame and gets paid like others. We give you biometric attendance systems to keep records of your staff’s attendance. In case, anyone leaves the office and if he or she doesn’t perform work effectively, then you will know that. It will help you in identifying the dedicated workers, who need your attention. You can promote them and take your organization ahead.

Get cutting-edge attendance system:
HandPunch 3000 biometric machine is considered as the most advanced biometric attendance machine. Many companies in UAE are using it to track movements of their employees. At eTOP Solution, we also sell HP3000 biometric machine. This is another great choice to prevent illegal access in the business and track attendance of the workers. All of our attendance systems are equipped with innovative features and techniques. You will find them very easy to operate and affordable too. We suggest you to review our products and you will find the best system for your requirements.

Trusted devices, which are used widely for security:
The HP 3000 Time Clock is a tested device, which is used for time and labor management. Companies, which pay hourly payment to their employees, they always want to keep records of their workers. They require exact records of their attendance and work to create the payrolls. Hand Punch 3000 Time Attendance System monitors and tracks attendance of the employees. It feeds data regarding entrance and exit of the workers. So, if someone leaves the office in the mid of the day, his records will be available there. Ultimately, you will know that how long your labors or staff has worked and then you can pay them according to their performance.

HandPunch biometric attendance systems were being used in the most sensitive locations across the world. Today, these devices are available for business sector. Your office will get secured like a research center. We can supply HandPunch 3000 Time Attendance Dubai, which will store attendance, stop illegal entrance and increase performance of your employees. Yes, Handpunch 3000 Biometric Time Clock can encourage your workers to do better in the job. They won’t leave the office before the office time and thus they will work dedicatedly for better growth of the organization. So, get the handpunch attendance system now and save your money with eTOP Solution.

The Model 5399 Interior Digital Keypad lock is a digital keyless entry system designed for access control applications. The keypad is vandal proof and housed in a rugged, metallic enclosure and is designed to be mounted in a standard single-gang electrical box. The die-cast keys have bright, easy-to-read colour graphics.
Model 5399 is a standalone keypad access control system, stainless steel keypad lock case for vandal proof, 500 users and 500 passwords, adopting 125 KHz proximity card and programmed on keypad with no software needed, so it doesnt provide audit trial record. It also possesses alarm functions, and includes 4 access methods: password, password + card, password +password, card + card.
Access control system accessories include electric locks (fail safe/fail secure) including proximity cards, electric bolt, electric magnetic lock, electric strike etc., power supply, exit button.

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