Our line of PVC cards and Fargo Ultra Cardsis ideal to print superb ID cards and badges.
• Premium card stock for superior print quality
• Large selection of PVC cards of all sizes, thicknesses and colors.
• Choose between 100% PVC cards and composite cards.
• Cards available with magnetic stripe or adhesive back

Fargo UltraCard is the preferred card for High Definition Printing applications. The affordable and extremely durable UltraCard Premium is the non-technology card of choice for the Fargo HDP5000 and other Direct-to-Card applications that require a higher quality card.

1. Pre Printed PVC Plastic ID Card
2. CR80.30 (30 Mil) White PVC Cards
3. CR80.10 (10 Mil) PVC Cards.
4. CR80.10 Mil Adhesive Paper-Backed PVC Cards
5. Fargo UltraCard Premium
6. Fargo UltraCard
7. Fargo UltraCard PC

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