Best Security Controller Device That Rectifies the Finger Print

eTOP Solution, we are here with great solution of technical world as we are dealing with high standards and helps you in making your work easier so that you can easily concentrate on other activities of the business. We are distributor and supplier of offering you the products of high technical devices that helps you in the growth and also it helps you in incrassating your company standards. We make you available with Door Controller device which is of high security and you can easily enjoy its features and technical functions as it helps in making the things easier and gives high security to the organization.

Finger print controller is also the device that is also available with us and we are working with all those devices that benefit you in many different ways and also it helps in raising the standards of the business. It is the device that helps in identifying the finger print of the person and according to that the attendance is taken and also it identified that the person is from the organization. We avail you with solution of Bio metric access controller which is the best device for attendance with time and it helps in keeping the record in well proper manner so that you can easily check the record and according to that you can make the employee’s salary.

In-Bio Controller you can easily enjoy hand punch, card based solution and face recognition and you can easily pick the option that easily suits your business standards and also that is convenient to you. You can also easily select the series that you want according to your requirements as we are available with all the three series and In-BIo 160 Single Door Access Controller also you can adopt as it run with the help of card and it identifies through that. It is the device that is used by most of the organization because it is the most convenient option.

We are also available with In-Bio 260 Two Door Access Controller and it is the device that helps in matching the fingerprints and also it keeps the proper record with it so that you don’t feel any kind of hurdles or any inconvenience. In-Bio 460 Four Door Access Controller is also the tool that is used for matching and access fort security check and it helps in keeping control on the door lock with high security.